The Mammal Collection Database is online and searchable, including all specimen information and digitized specimens.

As of June 2023 the Mammal Collection contains over 33,000 cataloged specimens (skins, skeletons, and skulls) of 163 species from 25 families. The Mammal Collection contains 23 Type specimens, 4 federally endangered species and two federally threatened species.

Type specimens in the INHS Mammal Collection

Common name Scientific Name Year Collector Country
Allen’s big-eared bat Idionycteris phyllotis hualapaiensis 1962 B. Musgrove USA
Arizona shrew Sorex arizonae 1949 W. W. Goodpaster USA
Asian house shrew Suncus murinus 1913 Republic of the Philippines
black-eared pygmy squirrel Exilisciurus concinnus luncefordi 1923 E. H. Taylor Republic of the Philippines
Botta’s pocket gopher Thomomys bottae carri 1951 R. G. Van Gelder USA
Botta’s pocket gopher Thomomys bottae rufidulus 1953 D.F. Hoffmeister USA
cactus mouse Peromyscus eremicus eremicus 1953 Robert W. Dickerman Mexico
eastern pipistrelle Pipistrellus subflavus subflavus 1957 W. L. Jennings USA
horseshoe bat Rhinolophus subrufus 1923 E. H. Taylor Republic of the Philippines
marsh rice rat Oryzomys palustris natator 1932 O. C. Van Hyning USA
Old World leaf-nosed bat Hipposideros wrighti 1923 E. H. Taylor and J. S. Wright Republic of the Philippines
pencil-tailed tree mouse Chiropodomys calamianensis 1918 E. H. Taylor Republic of the Philippines
plains pocket gopher Geomys bursarius missouriensis 1955 C. A. McLaughlin USA
prairie vole Microtus ochrogaster haydenii 1973 W. D. Severinghaus USA
rock mouse Peromyscus difficilis saxicola 1948 H. O. Wagner Mexico
Sanborn’s long-nosed bat Leptonycteris curasoae sanborni 1950 D. F. Hoffmeister USA
short-nosed fruit bat Cynopterus brachyotis 1920 E. H. Taylor Republic of the Philippines
shrew Crocidura beatus 1923 E. H. Taylor Republic of the Philippines
silky pocket mouse Perognathus flavus goodpasteri 1953 C.A. McLaughlin USA
southwestern myotis Myotis auriculus apache 1951 D. F. Hoffmeister USA
spotted ground squirrel Spermophilus spilosoma ammophilus 1956 W. H. Davis Mexico
Texas pocket gopher Geomys personatus maritimus 1938 Rollin H. Baker USA
Washington ground squirrel Spermophilus washingtoni washingtoni 1942 Ernest S. Booth USA